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One creepy thing...

Ever notice how Heero and Relena have the same profile? It's the same in the Manga too (Although a lot of people have said Relena is a lot cuter looking in the Manga, but that's why Manga are so good, they do a better job). I wonder if they did this purposefully as a metaphor. It's believed that most twins are linked, well Heero and Relena look a little like Twins, so maybe it's metaphorical for them being bonded in some special way. Lovers, Adopted Siblings, whatever kind of bond you can think of.
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The hair's different, and a lot of anime profiles are similiar. Maybe you're reading too mcuh into it, ne?
I mean, most profiles are the same, but they have some differences that make them look different. With Heero and Relena, the profiles seem to fit over each other, minus the hair. Eyes, ears, and even mouths. Just change their skin colors, and they're practically identical.

Let me change that, sometimes the eyes aren't exact...
Well, yeah. But the differences *are* the hair, usually. It's bishounen anime, full lips, big eyes, and cute noses are the standard.
True, very true.

I'm starting to notice that they did that with Duo and Hilde. For Catherine and Trowa, I can understand, brother and sister, they're supposed to look alike. But Wufei and Sally also? Oh and Quatre and Sylvia?

Who knows, maybe they were saying that these were the female versions of the men. They do seem to act a little like the men in GW.
That might make sense. I could understand Sally and Wifei too, at least they're in the same ethnic group. *shrugs*
That's true, although I think Sally dyes her hair ;C)
ha! if theyre brother and sister or have that kind of bond then they cant be lovers.. cause thats just weird.. but ahaha!! then duo and heero are together cause they dont have that bond.. they have the love bond... lol
I mean more like they adopted each other. Yes, there are brothers and sisters, one of which who was adopted, who have gotten in relationships with each other. Some have seriously been in love since childhood. I myself really don't see anything odd, just as long as they're not blood relatives...

But anyway, if Heero and Relena did adopt each other as sibilings, then I'm sure Duo would have a chance. I'm also a 2xH fan as well though, so Heero would have competition ;C)

Although Duo might still have competition, considering that Dorothy might like Heero, or even Trowa...
lol damn you got this whoe thing figured out dont you lol
Oh yea, I've spent tons of time thinking about GW when I landed on a Message Board where you just HAD to think and come up with an opinion. It's very fun.
??? What message board is that? I wanna know ^_^

Hmm... yeah, Hilde and Duo seem more like adopted brother and sis to me than Relena and Heero do... Relena always seemed to act kinda like Heero's mom at times to me... (but I'm just screwed up)

O.o umm.. I've never seen Hilde and Duo-honey look alike... but Relena and Heero both have the same freaky intense blue eyes... and glare constantly... Relena acts a tad more obsessive though...
Mot Political Figures are a tad obssessive, in my opinion. They have to be to at least win a few supporters because sometimes the extremists outnumber the not-so-extremists. Anyway, I can see how people would see Hilde and Duo kind of like a brother and sister.

I've always seen a romantic possibility though, mainly because of a few scenes. (Like when Hilde was bleeding to death from getting the Libra info just because she wanted to help Duo)

Are you new? Welcome to the group. Don't forget to check back for new posts ;C)
Lt. Noin's GW Board, it's moved around quite a bit and I volunteered my own board for them to use for a while. You'd have to scroll to the bottom though:

We haven't posted much thought provoking stuff in a while though, we welcome newcomers ;C)
Well, I suppose you could take it from the viewpoint that Heero is supposed to be mistaken for a girl sometimes. Yeah, I know it sounds weird considering that Hee-chan is in a tank top and spandex almost 24/7, but it's true.

Even in the creator's profiles for the Gboyz, there's a section that says "Most noticable feature", or something like that. While for Duo it's his yard-long braid, or Quatre's blond hair and blue eyes, for Heero it's the fact that he's mistaken for a girl at first.

... what does this say for all the people who like yaoi? And Heero in yaoi?

:::evile grin:::
Hehe. I don't take it as a Yaoi sign. (Though I enjoy 1x2 and 1xR, even 1x2xR)

But yep, from what was originally told me is that Heero is supposed to be mistaken for a girl in the Manga. Actually, there's a rumor that the creator of Gundam originally planned for Relena and Zechs to fall in love and Heero was supposed to end up with someone else. He was also supposed to die. But luckily, the creator changed his mind about all of that stuff, and he decided Relena and Zechs would make better Brother and Sister than Lovers.

I don't know if it's true or not though.