Mrs. Winner (chibiichi) wrote in yndad,
Mrs. Winner


ok i said to some one or something about a picture of duo and heero... well its heero that has his arms swung over duo and duo smiling about it.. just wanted to clear that up... and it is an offical picture
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Like I said before, "official" pictures found in art books and such are not real evidence for a pairing.

Besides, I've seen just as many, if not more pictures of Heero and Relena together. It goes both ways no da.
i know it goes both ways but i just like duo and heero better then relena and heero cause i dont like relena and heero and duo are better together anyways
Oh, chibiichi, you have to admit. That reason's kinda lame. ^_^

And, buff? Look at my thing on picture anaylsis. Yeah.
yeah it is lame but i just dont like her... and the idea of two guys is just yuuuummmmmmyyyy!!!
Well I've seen that picture, and I did like it. But I'd have to say that it's not really a 'togetherness' picture, IMO. Mainly because if you look at them, they're not looking at each other. They're looking straight forward, I'd expect them to at least be looking at each other if they were in a relationship.

Also, we have to keep in mind that two guys hugging like that, in Japan, is considered normal if they're just best friends. It does signify closeness, but not neccessarily romantic closeness. Love the Quatre pictures by the way.
well ive seen plenty of piscture where they are kissing holding eachother looking at eachother... even though those were doujinshi pictures they still are pictures of them together.. and thank you
Yea. DJ's are pretty cool. Recently I was told, even if it's an official picture, if it isn't in the series itself (In other words, wasn't a scene) then it's not saying anything canon. So even if I found a picture of Heero, Duo, and Relena in a 3-some, it doesn't count because it wasn't in the series...
That's what I was trying to say before.
Yea, but doesn't it just suck!? Us Yaoi and/or Non-Yaoi fans have been using 'official' pictures as evidence for the longest time :C(

There goes MOST of the evidence, hehe!
I dunno, the only couples I've seen "official" pictures of are Heero/Relena and Heero/Duo. I don't really care about those pairings, I just love Quatre/Trowa. ^___^} *glomps Trowa* There's official pictures of them being close, but they don't touch like Heero and Duo do. XD So I don't use those anyway.
but you do have to think when you see that kind of thing that it has be implied on the show and that it could very well be there
Well, from what's been said, the pictures are just promo art, used to attract female fans. Yaoi is a big thing with girls in Japan. It's the same with the Heero and Relena pictures, just promo art to attract certain kinds of fans.