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Some Stuff I'd love to put up

Ok, now I'm going on a little rant. There is NO evidence in the series that simply says the characters are straight, gay, or bi. I don't care what pairing you believe in, to me, you can't just say Heero is straight because you're a 1xR fan and believe it was intended, though I myself are a 1xR fan. He could be Bisexual, if you haven't really heard anything about it. Same goes with Quatre and Trowa. I'm a 3x4 fan, but I'm NOT just going to label them as gay just because I like the idea of them or even if the Producers came out and said, "Yes, they're lovers." They can still be bisexual.

So let's go off on some stuff. The only official relationship is Treize and Une. So even with evidence, you can't say it was intended because they said it wasn't. So even if I like 1xR and 3x4, or almost anything else, I can't say, "You know what, that was intended."

That would be lying, and I don't like to lie. Here's another thing that gets me, I was debating with someone on why I like 1xR, then they used as evidence that 1xR wouldn't work because, 'The Producers didn't intend it'. Well, they went on to say 1x2 4 eva, and even if I am a 1x2 fan as well, I had to tell them that by their OWN logic, 1x2 wouldn't work because of that.

Here's a problem with 1xR, even if I'm a fan of the pairing, I will have to point out problems for any pairing I have. 1xR can be disproved not because of the 'producer' argument, but because every nice thing Heero HAS done for Relena, every thing that looks like a relationship sort of thing, can just as EASILY be said that it's a friendship. It can be argued that Heero is gay, and that everything he's done for Relena is just out of friendship:

Heero hasn't killed her=either it's romance, or he's just a friend

Heero has complimented her=romance, or friendship

Heero gave her a teddy bear=romance or friendship

Heero HAS touched her (And he has, he bought her close to him in Episode 48 when they were talking)=Romance, or a VERY close friendship

Heero has called her name on occassion, or has thought of her name=Romance, or friendship

The only one I could never explain is when Heero fell out of Wing Zero, he thought of Relena, and a vision of her appeared in front of him. Now someone once said this could mean he hates her, because it is Wing Zero. But that's a really BAD argument. Trowa shows no sign of hatiing Quatre, Catherine, or Heero, but Wing Zero showed him PLENTY of images of them when he piloted it after he lost his memory. So using the argument that he hates her because Wing Zero showed her to him is lame, and just not very well-thought out.

The same could be said for 3x4, all of the stuff that points to evidence of them can just as easily be said it's a friendship.

The reason why I'm a 1xR fan is because I'm a 3x4 fan. I believe in both couplings because they're almost the same.

Now with 1x2, I really don't get how most (Most not all) of the 1x2 fans can't stand Relena. I also don't get how anyone can like the 3x4 pairing and hate the 1xR pairing. I once met someone who was a 1x2 fan and still could be a 1xR fan. Their theory was that the reason why they think most of their fellow fans can't stand 1xR or Relena is because most are in some sort of peer pressure to not like Relena. This is a half-truth I'd say. Mainly because I once met someone else who became a 1x2 fan and just decided to hate Relena for no reason. (They didn't have any good reasons, they just hated her) A lot of other 1x2 fans in that same chat were bad-mouthing Relena REALLY bad.

I know it's possible to be a 1x2 fan and a 1xR fan all at the same time. I'm living proof of that. I just always request that at least people read a 1xR fanfic before coming to any conclusions. I may not like the idea of Dorothy and Quatre, but some of the Best Fanfiction I've read had them as a coupling. I don't ever WANT to miss out on a good story just because I may not agree with a coupling.
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