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how do you guys feel about the gundam pilots being paired with other people from different shows? and would trowa go to an all boy school or co-ed.. that last question is for different reasons ^^
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I don't like it much, personally. It's the next worse thing to a Mary Sue to me; characters of the smae universe should pair up with other charcters of their own universe. GW offers enough diversity as far as pairing goes, anyway. ^_^

Hmm... I don't think he'd care, but I'd say all boy. He would only have to deal with boys swooning then, or something. -_-;;
lol thanks ^^
I don't mind cross-overs, not at all. Cross-overs are interesting, and I've seen some crossovers. However, it'd depend who he's paired up with. I'd pair him up with whoever didn't have anyone else, mainly because it'd make more sense. Like maybe Ami from Sailor Moon, she doesn't seem to have anyone, and she and Trowa would get along well. (They do seem like the Intellectuals of their teams, or the people who prefer to think things out rather than jumping right into it)

In FAKE, I'd pair Trowa with the guy who wants Dee, but can't have him. Technically the guy is single...oops he'd have to wait 3 years also or statitory rape sentence awaits. (And he's a cop too!)
yeah you got a piont and they would be agood couple.. thanks ^^
Which one? Ami and Trowa, Dee and Trowa, or both?